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Located at the gate to the majestic Pyrenees, La Vall de Lord and its surroundings constitute a gorgeous place all year round.

It's only 1,5 hours away by car from Barcelona and Andorra. It's main bigger cities of influence are Solsona, Berga, Manresa and La Seu d'Urgell.

The capital town of the valley is called Sant Llorenç de Morunys. The old part of the village is enclosed, hiding inside stone-made streets and houses with a lot of history. In the very middle point of the village, there's a square with a majestic tree surrounded by bars and terraces where you can enjoy a snack or a drink.

There are plenty of activities to do in La Vall de Lord! From culture to sports, moving on to gastronomy. Plenty of warm-hearted locals, there's a lot of social life in the area: bars with nice terraces, fairs and organized events; and, of course there's also nightlife in the pubs or the festival that the town holds all over the year.


It's a beautiful time of the year! Our valley is dressed up in green, starting from the wet and yellow moors that the snow melting has left to a green landscape with a fresh environment. Soon, the nature starts to bloom and the so does live in the valley! It's a perfect time to ride an e-bike and discover each and every corner of the valley with nice and fresh weather conditions! It's also time for barbecues (or calçotades, if you want to taste the local gastronomy).


Such a great time to enjoy and explore the mountains! La Vall de Lord in summer is full of life: at the beginning everything is vividly green with flowers all over the grasslands. It's hot in July and August, but not so badly because of the high altitude. Besides, the local swimming pools and the lake makes it more enjoyable, and you can also explore and take a dip into beautiful rivers and natural pools in the forest. Contact us if you'd like to know more about this secret places! Thus, discovering the nature at its fullest combined with the typical Mediterranean summer dream, seems like nothing can beat it!


We love autumn! It's the most magical time of the year. Although it's the most wet time of the year, our valley turns into a cosy place with its ochre and reddish colours. Hiking  and cycling through hundred-year-old trees with the smell of mushrooms is priceless! It's still a great time to cycle regarding the weather, since it's not hot anymore but neither frosty until December.


Yes, we have snow in winter! Usually not in the valley, but in the mountain tops. In fact, there's a skiing station in Port del Comte. This is the closest ski resort to Barcelona, and it has around 50 km of skiable slopes! But that's not all! Leaving aside other multiple winter activities such as dog sledging and cross-country skiing, there's always time for an e-bike ride on the snow! When the first snow comes, our e-bikes are equipped with winter thick tyres with metallic spikes that deliver extra grip to the rider. Sooo, yeah! Cycling on snow is a fact and it's just as amazing as it seems! Moreover, incredible sceneries of the snow-covered landscapes will accompany you during the journey. The weather is not a problem, especially in late winter, the temperatures are quite nice (between 0 and 15 degrees Celsius during the day) and the sun often there to make you feel comfortable and warm.

... and last, but not least, we'll be very happy to introduce you to our surroundings!


Catalonia is a county of Spain situated at its top-right corner. The very special feature of Catalonia is the large diversity of landscapes concentrated in such a small area, which makes it very worthy to visit.

Starting from its well-known capital city, Barcelona, 

where you can enjoy the city life is at its fullest. A modern but also historical city, accompanied by the Mediterranean way of life, with plenty of oportunities and things to visit. The iconic city of Barcelona has a lot to offer to people of any age!

Moving on to the costal area, 

there are magnificent beaches all along the country. In the north, the Pyrenees mountains merge with the Mediterranean Sea, creating wild but beautiful as well as very natural beaches with traditional fishing towns (Costa Brava). Instead, in the south, there are long and softer beaches that will make you enjoy the calm breeze of the sea during a seaside walk in a summer evening (Costa Daurada). 

All of that is less than 2 hours by car from La Vall de Lord! Pictures explain more than words can do!

Leaving the sea aside,

 there are plenty of different places worth visiting, from cities to rural areas, ex. Montserrat Mountains, the vineyards in El Penedès, el Delta de l'Ebre, the volcanic area of La Garrotxa, the natural reserve in Montseny... and many others that would also be worth mentioning.

Finally, the Catalan Pyrenees 

are a lovely set of mountains that distinct from other European ridges for their comfortable and sunny climate, especially in the eastern part. In the overall, it makes perfect conditions to enjoy them in any season of the year. Pics range from 2000 to 3400 m above the sea level.